Lombardo & DeVellis LLP is built on traditional values of dedicated client care and experienced management of client affairs. With offices located in Bedford, Massachusetts, Lombardo & DeVellis LLP is a law firm providing personalized legal advice, counsel, and transactional services.

Lombardo & DeVellis LLP is committed to servicing your legal and business needs by working with you to achieve your desired goals and objectives.

We assess each client’s needs and objectives to make a careful evaluation of priorities and costs. Knowing and understanding our clients and the communities in which they operate allows us to develop legal strategies that are best suited to each client’s unique situation. Through our representation, we strive to create value for our clients.

Services We Provide

Real Estate Law

We provide legal representation for all Real Estate purposes. We can go over your documents and provide legal advice in regards to leases.

Estate Planning

We provide individuals of all ages with estate planning services. We believe that effective estate planning meets the following goals: fulfilling the current needs of the client; preserving their assets for future generations; and minimizing taxes.

Business & Corporate Law

We are committed to serving the broad range of needs of businesses. For new businesses, we work closely with our clients on the selection and set-up of the business form, and for existing businesses, we advise our clients on everyday matters such as drafting and reviewing contracts.

Former Clients

Our Attorneys

Phil Lombardo

Brian DeVellis